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Wide angle lenses are the most prefered camera accessory for photographers exploring vast landscapes and architecture. Camera makers usually bundle lenses with widest focal length if 28mm or 24mm in some cases, which is not enough in most cases.

While these basic set of lenses turn out to be sheer a disappointment in most cases, the wide angle lenses offer more than just a practical benefit of a wider angle of view. It can do a lot more than what the basic 28mm lens fails at doing.

If you are a Canon user, we have picked the best wide-angle lenses for you right here. Nikon DSLR users can stay here and continue reading.

Nikon DSLRs split into two groups. The beginner/enthusiast models up to the D500 have APS-C sized sensors (Nikon calls them ‘DX’ format), while models from the D610 up have full frame sensors (FX format).

As with Canon DSLRs, you need to choose a lens to suit the sensor size, because a full-frame super-wide-angle lens won’t give you such a wide angle of view on an APS-C format camera.

The difference here, though, is that you can use smaller DX format lenses on full frame FX bodies, albeit in a reduced resolution ‘crop’ mode. It’s not ideal, but if you do get any of these lenses for your DX Nikon and then upgrade to an FX Nikon later, you’ll still be able to get some use out of them.

This lens is newer, bigger and better than Sigma’s original 10-20mm, which is still on sale. This one has a constant f/3.5 maximum aperture, yet it’s now only a little more expensive than its predecessor. It’s a professional-grade lens with fast and quiet ring-type ultrasonic autofocus and a seven-blade diaphragm. It’s quite a chunky lens, though, and features a large 82mm filter thread. Sharpness and contrast are excellent, though, and it’s also very consistent throughout the zoom range. Colour fringing is very well controlled, and distortion is only really noticeable towards the shortest end of the zoom range. A superb lens that’s also great value for money.

The Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5 (above) is a bit of a modern classic because of its specs, performance and price, but if you want a lens that’s wider still, then take a look at this Sigma 8-16mm. It only has a 2x zoom range, but at these focal lengths the extra 2mm at …read more

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