By Mark Wycislik-Wilson

With students everywhere preparing to head back to school and college, it’s time to make sure you and your kids are prepared with all the essentials for the coming term or semester.

Whatever the subject and level, this toolkit contains all the essential software students need to get the most out of lessons and seminars, and make their assignments shine.

We know this can be an expensive time of year, so all the programs we’ve picked here are totally free for students to download and use, leaving you with more money for all the other school essentials.

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1. LibreOffice

There are some great student discounts available on premium office software, but there’s no need to pay at all

Almost every subject involves writing in some context, and for this you’ll need a reliable word processor. Microsoft Word might spring naturally to mind, and students get a discount on the regular price, but there are plenty of free options out there too.

LibreOffice is a powerful free alternative to Microsoft Office, and its powerful word processing tool matches Microsoft Word almost feature-for-feature.

LibreOffice also includes a spreadsheet tool, a presentation tool and much more. And just because you’re opting for free software, it doesn’t mean you have to save your documents in weird formats – LibreOffice is fully compatible with Microsoft Office so you can create, share and open files with other people with ease. The software is updated very frequently, and extras such as support for cloud storage are a nice touch. There are also addons available which can be used to extend the capabilities of an already-powerful suite, making this well worth a look.

Review and where to download: LibreOffice

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A reliable antivirus tool is essential for protecting valuable work
2. Kaspersky Free

Kaspersky’s newly released security toolkit will protect your work from damage caused by viruses and other malware

Keeping your computer free from viruses shouldn’t cost you a lot of time or, ideally, money. But if you want to ensure that your valuable work doesn’t get destroyed by a piece of malware, or your computer is not rendered inoperable by some form of nastiness, protection is needed. By Kaspersky’s own admission, Kaspersky Free offers the “bare essentials”. What this means is that you’re protected against dangerous websites, …read more

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