Cairn’s First Stop Shop for Office 365 Set Up and Support

Mobile Computerman is your number one IT support business that recognises how technology has created an avenue to streamline not only our personal lives, but our businesses practises, too. After the installation of Microsoft Office 365, millions of companies and small businesses across the world have seen great efficiency improvements, and we are committed to assisting other workplaces with the appropriate set up and support so they can, too.

How Office 365 migration can better your business

You may already be familiar with the many wondrous and popular applications of the latest Microsoft Office, including Word, PowerPoint, Publisher and Excel. These work great, both in your business and personal life. But by undertaking a subscription plan with Office 365, you will be granting yourself access to further cloud-based (internet enabled) applications, that again not only assist with personal, day-to-day matters, but firmly bolster the efficiency of a business in more ways than one. Upon migration of Office 365, businesses across Cairns will be set up with amplified online storage, streamlined email exchanges, readily available web-based conferencing, and much more!

Getting started with your Office 365 installation

For those not particularly ‘tech-savvy’, the migration of Office 365 into your business may prove problematic, and the benefits of potential productivity increases can be put at risk. That’s where we come in. When you call the Computerman, we can provide the best support with any of your Office 365 set up or installation difficulties.

By contacting professionals, we can assist with ensuring any required updates are included, set up some of Office 365’s premium business features, such as Outlook, SharePoint, and Microsoft Skype for Business, and personally run you through any questions you may have upon installation, whether it be related to the ‘cloud’ feature, any of its applications, or details of your subscription.

It is important to note this support we provide all over Cairns isn’t restricted to the set-up migration process of Office 365. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of our qualified team today.