NBN Connection Cairns


Local NBN Connection for Cairns


Compared to other places in the world, Australia’s internet speeds are pretty slow. But all that’s about to change, fast.

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is finally being rolled out across Australia, bringing high-speed fiber internet directly to households and businesses.

The NBN is a big step forward for Australia, especially for rural areas and cities like Cairns, which are relying more and more on the innovation and connection that the internet brings.

The Mobile Computerman is standing by – ready to help you take the fullest advantage of an NBN connection in Cairns!

Fiber internet is the future


For many years, Australia’s internet connection was delivered through old copper cables designed for telephones. It was slow and provided patchy service to remote areas.

The NBN is replacing this copper network with fiber optic cables, which can transmit internet signals to a broadband network faster, stronger and more reliably.

The connection on your end will say the same – a broadband Wi-Fi router. But data usage and speeds will change depending on what connection plan you have.

NBN Connection Cairns
NBN Connection CairnsNBN Internet Cairns

New fiber, new deals


Always at the cutting edge of technology, the Mobile Computer Man has seen the changes coming and prepared a range of fiber plans and deals to link you up to the NBN in Cairns.

These will be added to the Mobile Computerman’s already impressive ADSL2+, VOIP and mobile phone services provided by Exetel.

With these new plans tailored to fit the NBN’s higher speed internet connection, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of world-class broadband for the first time in Australia.

Best of all, these new deals for fiber internet in Cairns have no lock in contracts.

So, to get the fastest internet in Cairns, come to the Mobile Computerman. Or we’ll come to you…

Local support with competitive prices

The Mobile Computerman is a family run business that’s been a member of Cairns’s technology sector since the year 2000.

Combining local knowledge with years of experience, the passionate team at The Mobile Computer Man provides top rate service for competitive prices, advising customers on the best gear they need and helping install it with pride.

So whether you’re looking for an ADSL setup in Cairns or an Internet plan for the NBN, The Mobile Computerman can help.

Contact us by phone 0412 584 554 or send us a message online at (https://www.computerman.com.au/contact/).

NBN Speeds

100/40 MBPS
25/5 MBPS
12/1 MBPS