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Trojans. Worms. Rootkits. Polymorphics.

There are scores of computer viruses out there with exotic names and bad reputations. Computer viruses can do anything from simply making your system run slower to actually collecting vital information (like your passwords and financial details) to pass on to criminals.

Most computers these days have some form of virus protection, and as long as you take care when opening emails and downloading attachments, you should be able to avoid catching most of them. But every now and again, something can penetrate the defences, either causing havoc in your system or just making life difficult.

And the longer you leave it, the more damage it can do…

Virus detection is crucial

Trojan Virus Removal
Trojan Virus Removal
Malware & Spyware Removal
Malware & Spyware Removal
Popup Virus Removal
Popup Virus Removal

So, how do you tell if your computer has a virus? Simple. It should be able to tell you.

Most computers run anti-virus software that regularly scans the system for programs and downloads that look or act suspiciously, and then urges you to delete them. But these anti-virus software programs can miss things – and unless they’re regularly updated, new viruses can get past them.

So the best way to tell if your computer has a virus is to monitor its performance. Serious computer viruses will cause your system to behave strangely or below its regular performance levels.

Is your hard drive constantly running, even when you’re not doing anything? Does the computer take a longer than normal time to boot up? Are programs crashing unexpectedly? Are you getting lots of pop-up ads or prompts on your screen?

If you said “yes” to any of these questions, you may have caught sight of the symptoms of a computer virus – and it pays to act quickly to eradicate the problem.

Catch it and kill it – quick virus removal

You should act to counter a computer virus the same way you would fight a medical virus: seek professional help to deal with the problem.

At The Mobile Computerman, we offer a same day service for expert virus removal that covers the full spectrum of problems. Local technicians are sent direct on-site and will get to work straight away to restore your system.

From malware removal to pop-up removal, The Mobile Computerman provides swift, professional service to the Cairns, Queensland region.

Best of all, we offer a “no fix, no fee” service – we’re confident in our ability to seek out and destroy even the most stubborn computer viruses.

So if your computer is struggling with a virus, contact us or book online today. Our same day virus removal service using expert local technicians in the Cairns region will act swiftly to get your computer back to health.